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Additional Services

Component Selection.

Have you ever spent an afternoon wading through catalogs, trying to figure out the best pump, motor, valve or cylinder for your application? Or spent time downloading online catalogs from the internet?

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when selecting hydraulic or pneumatic components, and sometimes the manufacturer's catalog doesn't guide you through all the possible pitfalls.

We design and specify components & systems every day. It's part of our job. So the next time you need a component, please give us a call. We'll ask you a few questions, quickly determine the best component for your application, and give you a quote.


Fluid Power Training.

You have people who work with hydraulics and pneumatics on a regular basis. They operate equipment, maintain fluid power systems, make purchase recommendations, and maybe even repair components.

While fluid power equipment is expensive, a greater potential expense is downtime caused by someone who doesn't understand your fluid power components or systems.

We can provide fluid power training to help reduce your downtime, increase efficiency, cut maintenance costs, and improve productivity. Courses can be taught in your facility, at our office, or at a remote site.

Call us today to discuss your fluid power training needs.






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