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Indiana Fluid Power Manufacturers

Indiana Fluid Power has partnered with the following world-class manufacturers:

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Custom Systems & Products



Integrated Solutions combining Hydraulic, Electrical and Automation technologies.

Design & Assembly of custom Hydraulic Components, Sub-Assemblies & Systems.

Design & Build of custom Hydraulic Power Units.

Design & Build Control Panels.

Design & Build of custom Combo Cooler Packages.

Custom Welded Mobile Cylinders.

Custom Packaging.

Hydraulic Integrated Circuit Design & Assembly.

Design & Build of custom Manifolds (Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, & Ductile Iron).

Panel Systems (Wired or Wireless).

Custom Wiring Harnesses.


Custom Welded Mobile Cylinders

Custom Packaged Products

Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic Power Units

Integrated Systems Solutions

Hydraulic Integrated Circuits

Panel Systems

Panel Systems

Panel Systems

Custom Wiring Harnesses


Hydraulic Integrated Circuits


Custom Wiring Harnesses


Diaphragm, Bladder & Piston Accumulators


Custom Suspension Systems and Electronic Controlled Suspension Systems

Off Road Construction & Agricultural Vehicles

(Integrated with custom Indiana Fluid Power products for a complete system)


Hi-Low Accumulator Suspension Packages – Designed to Application

(Integrated with custom Indiana Fluid Power products for a complete system)


Heat Exchangers/Coolers for Mobile & Industrial Applications

Bar and Plate design on ALL cooler cores


Standard & Custom Combo Cooling Packages for On and Off Road Vehicles:

                  • Transmission
                  • Power Steering
                  • Fuel
                  • Engine oil
                  • Hydraulic
                  • Engine Cooling Solutions



    Custom Suspension

    DC Motor Driven Heat Exchanger



    Diaphragm, Bladder & Piston Accumulators


    High Low Suspension Systems

    Hydraulic Motor Driven Heat Exchanger




    Ride Control



Cable and Hose Carriers

CATRAC Cable and Hose Carriers are made of steel.

SNAPTRAC is a light weight, low cost carrier that resists corrosion and is nonconductive.

Used to conveying electrical power, air, gas (SNAPTRAC ONLY) or hydraulic fluid to equipment in motion.

Designed to be maintenance-free, it protects cables and hoses from abrasion, wear, and twisting.


LUBE USA's comprehensive assortment of lubrication equipment includes a complete line of products that are available for immediate delivery.

Lube USA Systems Offer:

                • Increased worker safety
                • Less downtime due to equipment failure
                • Less downtime due to the failure of manual lubrication
                • More precise lubricant delivery
                • Increased protection from contaminants
                • Less waste
                • Substantially reduced man-hours for lubrication
                • Eliminates over/under lubrication
                • Reduced cleanup cost
                • Environmentally-friendly work place

MAXPRO Technologies offers a complete line of air driven products to help you improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your operation.

These include Liquid Pumps, Air Amplifiers & Gas Boosters.

In addition, MAXPRO has a wide range of standard and custom designed packaged power systems that provide economical, turnkey solutions for a wide range of liquid, air and gas applications. Among the systems available are gas booster systems, air amplifier systems, power packs, portable test carts and test benches.

Many of their products are available for immediate shipment.

Micro-Fluidization Products for Industry


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