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Indiana Fluid Power Manufacturers

Indiana Fluid Power has partnered with the following world-class manufacturers:

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Electro-Mechanical, Pneumatic & Automation Products

Parker Pneumatic / Automation Group offers a complete line of pneumatic and automation products for all applications.

Indiana Fluid Power is certified as a Parker Pneumatic Technology Center

Parker Daedal Positioning Systems

Parker IPS Structural Framing


Motion Controllers

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Industrial PC's

Industrial Monitors

Intelligent HMI (Automation Panels, Power Panels)

Servo Drives

Servo Motors & Gearboxes

Safety Technology

Operator Interfaces

I/O Products

Power Supplies

Field Bus & Network Connectivity

Control Software

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD's)


Standard & Custom Electro-Mechanical Linear Actuators

Single & Multi Axes Slides

Linear & Rotary Limit Switches


Proportional Electro-Pneumatic Valves

Electronic Pressure Control Valves

Flow Monitor & Control Valves

Proportional Flow Control Valves

Custom Products

MizAir microprocessor controlled air dispensing system – Greatly reduces air consumption of air operated diaphragm pumps


Robo-Tool is a modular robotic end effecter system designed to be lightweight and versatile. The systems are assembled locally and include complete design and engineering. Here are some of the many features of the Robo-Tool Product:


Light Weight & Compact

Durable - Custom locking system

Custom designed around customer’s part

Provided as a complete assembly

Pneumatic Tooling included

Comes with Fitting/Tubing Accessories



The Robo-Tool is excellent for applications where weight is critical. These systems weigh far less than extruded systems, and offer significant durability and rigidity.

Some of the pneumatic end of arm tools include:


Nipper Systems, with customized cutters

Fittings and Tubing

Vacuum Cups, Pumps, Level Compensators

Gripper Systems and Accessories



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