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Indiana Fluid Power Manufacturers

Indiana Fluid Power has partnered with the following world-class manufacturers:

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Complementary Products (Cooling Systems/Heat Exchangers, Power Transmission & Accessories)

Diaphragm, Bladder & Piston Accumulators


Custom Suspension Systems and Electronic Controlled Suspension Systems

Off Road Construction & Agricultural Vehicles

(Integrated with custom Indiana Fluid Power products for a complete system)


Hi-Low Accumulator Suspension Packages – Designed to Application

(Integrated with custom Indiana Fluid Power products for a complete system)


Heat Exchangers/Coolers for Mobile & Industrial Applications

Bar and Plate design on ALL cooler cores


Standard & Custom Combo Cooling Packages for On and Off Road Vehicles:

                  • Transmission
                  • Power Steering
                  • Fuel
                  • Engine oil
                  • Hydraulic
                  • Engine Cooling Solutions



    Custom Suspension

    DC Motor Driven Heat Exchanger



    Diaphragm, Bladder & Piston Accumulators


    High Low Suspension Systems

    Hydraulic Motor Driven Heat Exchanger




    Ride Control




Power Transmission Solutions
Gear Drive & Brake Products for Industrial & Mobile Equipment


Industrial Shock Absorbers
(Linear Decelerators)

We also proudly offer the following electrical accessory products:

Cable Connectors
For proximity & photoelectric switches.


Pendant Stations
2 to 10 Button. Metal & Non-Metallic Housings


Cable Glands


Photoelectric Sensors


Cam Switches
20 through 630 amps. Std & Special.


Power Supplies


Contactors & Starters


Pressure Switches


Disconnect Switches
Fusible & Non-Fusible to 100 amp.


Proximity Sensors


Fuses & Fuse Holders


Push Buttons


Inverter Bypass Switches


Relays & Sockets


Limits Switches


Safety Switches


Manual Motor Starters


Terminal Blocks & Ferrules


Metallic Enclosures &
Non-Metallic Enclosures - DIN Rail,
Watertight, Dust tight, Oil tight, Rain tight






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